States taking control of data and cybersecurity requirements

Cybersecurity continues to be a concern for government and the private sector. It has enormous implications for government security, economic prosperity and public safety.

States are addressing cybersecurity through various initiatives, such as providing more funding for improved security measures, requiring government agencies or businesses to implement specific types of security practices, increasing penalties for computer crimes, addressing threats to critical infrastructure and more.

2018 Introductions: At least 36 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico introduced/considered more than 265 bills or resolutions related to cybersecurity. Some of the key areas of legislative activity include:   SUMMARY BY STATE

Some Examples:

NEW YORK - NYDFS Cybersecurity Deadline Approaching 

COLORADO - Ramping up for Data Privacy Compliance

CALIFORNIA - California Passes Landmark Law Creating Broad Data Privacy Rights for California Resident

OHIO - Cybersecurity Safe Harbor Against Data Breach Lawsuits Becomes Ohio La