Advisor Armor establishes, implements and updates all aspects of required information governance

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Policies & Procedures

Compliance with FINRA, SEC, FTC, HIPAA, FANNIE MAE, etc, current guidance.  Using proprietary processes and technologies we constantly profile current operations, assess statutory and regulatory requirements producing current, realtime, customized policies and procedures using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). With over 90 category policies (cyber, disaster recovery, access, vendors, etc) at our disposal Advisor Armor produces documentation which is reflective of actual and repeatable work processes.  

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Classification & Rostering

Advisor Armor's establishes the required disposition and rostering and controls for all data elements including hardware, software and data classifications.

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Monitor & Update

Advisor Armor monitors and updates all aspects of coverage based on changes to regulatory, statutory and operating changes.

Advisor Armor also produces the evidence of human understanding and device performance that confirms current Policies and Procedures.