11 Ways Employees Can Be Your Weak Link for Cybersecurity

With some creative tips to help engage and educate your employees on cybersecurity

Each year, incidences of cyberattacks on companies are increasing with the intent to steal sensitive information. There are cybersecurity tools made to protect organizations, but many of these tools focus on external attacks, not internal weaknesses. Many security systems do not focus on the possibility of employees unknowingly becoming a security threat and do nothing to mitigate accidental internal threats. Employee cybersecurity is an important issue.

The 2018 Insider Threat Report asserted that 90% of organizations are likely to be
attacked or exposed to attacks through an insider, and more than 50%
experienced an attack through an insider. Furthermore, about 44% of top
companies are exposed to potential threats as a result of exposure of passwords
on the internet by their employees or theft of login details.  READ