3 Ways Financial Firms Fail at Cybersecurity

Financial services firms have “structural deficiencies” in how they manage cybersecurity, which leaves them exposed to gaps in protection according to a white paper from External IT, a provider of cloud computing, titled “Financial Services Firms Face Further Scrutiny of Their Cybersecurity Practices: Is Your Firm Ready?

Advisor Armor solves all of these issues our customers

1. The first area is a tendency to lack an official security information security policy and proactive auditing of IT and IT security.  Advisor Armor develops, monitors and tests customized policies and procedures that reflects how data is handled inside a firm.   

2. The second is the frequent ability of the firm’s employees to move company data back and forth from office devices to personal and home devices, generally untracked and unaccountable.  Advisor Armor can provide full endpoint management through a unique partnership with Entreda.

3. The third area is a lack of disaster recovery or business continuity plans already in place, should an emergency occur.  Advisor Armor fully manages any type of data security incident to full resolution.