DNC, Bernie Sanders’ Data Breach - Breaches Are Not Just About Social Security Numbers or Payment Cards

Why is this important beyond presidential politics? 

Organizations are beginning to recognize the need for data breach preparedness. This is good - we are seeing more internal teams being assembled and comprised of key stakeholders within organizations. They are meeting, learning and developing data breach response plans including sample investigation checklists and policies, template notification letters, vendor relationships and engaging in tabletop exercises.

If breached, an organization’s proprietary data, internal email communications among executives and management, customer or client data, sales information, and as we are seeing even voter data can have catastrophic consequences for an organization. A breach exposing insensitive email correspondence in the c-suite about customers, or suggesting systemic discriminatory employment practices, or outlining detailed labor management strategies can have significant implications for a company’s market position and workforce management. It can also trigger unwanted litigation and adversely impact the organization’s reputation. Putting data belonging to others at risk also could result in the loss of access to critical business information help by others, as in the Sanders breach. These are only a handful of examples and one need only think about some of the sensitive business information maintained or accessed by their own organizations that is not personal information to understand the effects of a breach of that information.  MORE