Esteemed Client,

Thank you for being one of the initial testers of our new Virtual Advisor. Your feedback is vital in the success of this new service.


Please play around and interact with it.


We have given it quite a bit of personality, so it is not so limited to a only a few items coming across as a robot that can only answer a dozen questions.


Here are some sample questions to get you started:

Who is Mark Brown...or any other person on leadership team.

What is your name... or any other information about itself (e.g. Name, age, where it works, favorite book, what do you look like, etc.).

How do I reset my password

How do I get started


Some things you can repeatedly ask or state, like (yes, no, etc.) to see the random responses. Also, play around with different forms of triggers (e.g. Hi, hello, hey, howdy, etc.).


Keep playing around and take some notes to provide in a follow-up survey :)  


Thank you again and have fun.



Advisor Armor Leadership Team