2019 Q2 Advisor Armor Data Security Training

On April 15th the second quarter 2019 Advisor Armor Training will begin. Your current learner roster will be sent invitations that look like this below and they will have 60 days to complete. As usual there will be reminders every 15 days to those who have not done so. This sessions courses included Business Email Compromise as well as a deeper look in to phishing diagnostics. There will also be a couple brief quizzes to which the answer key is below. The session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Thank you.

Hello Learner Name,

Note: This email is authentic and part of Advisor Armor's ongoing data security training.  Please do not disregard.

To access your training from Advisor Armor now, please follow this link: Link

Note that NO username and password are required. The course you are taking is called “2019 Q2 Advisor Armor Data Security Training” and includes 6 interactive training modules.

You have 2 days to complete your training and you will be reminded to complete it every few days. For the best possible experience, you should plan on taking your training at a computer with audio, but closed captions are also provided if audio is not an option.

Thank you!

Business Email Compromise


Phishing in Brief