Update on Overview of Coverage including the new $25,000 reimbursement guarantee for fines and pend


Advisor Armor delivers comprehensive interpretation, guidance, and the tools and processes to meet and exceed federal and state cyber security requirements.  All processes are accessed through a proprietary online dashboard.


Risk Assessments

Annual Risk Assessments to identify risks and vulnerabilities as well as profile operating processes for deficiencies. 


Security Awareness Education and Training

Advisor Armor uses interactive computer-based training modules that allow people to learn and then practice the latest cyber security threats and defenses in hands-on simulations.  We develop the modules specifically to address current issues for financial professionals and their firms.  Sessions are provided quarterly with automated delivery, access, reminders and reporting.

Additional flash member news includes weekly security tips, monthly newsletters, and member security alerts.


Policies and Procedure Development, Maintenance and Testing

Advisor Armor establishes and maintains customized policies and procedures reflecting the operational handling of critical data and information.  These documents are consistent with NIST standards and update in accordance with those changes and the compliance calendar.  Testing on comprehension and device behavior is included to evidence practical application.


Email Enticement Phishing Testing

Advisor Armor incorporates recognition and awareness training on phishing and other email enticements.  This training is then tested randomly using fictitious efforts to elicit improper user behavior.  Fully evidencing and reporting is included.


Infrastructure Testing and Diagnostics

Advisor Armor coverage includes annual Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and device Endpoint Audits.  These diagnostics produce the evidence needed for actionable security improvements and  proof of the successful implementation of policies and procedures


Customized Dashboard Experience

Advisor Armor provides an online dashboard to evidence and maintain compliance and improve operating security.  Unlimited support is available by phone, email or chat bot.


Incident Response Management

Advisor Armor coverage includes the identification and actions needed in the event of a security incident.  Response plans are developed and included within Policies and Procedures.  Advisor Armor leads the response and recovery efforts that may include containment, investigation, determination, notifications and many other potentially related actions.  Records are also stored inside the client dashboard.


Regulatory Examination Review

Advisor Armor conducts annual cyber security examination audits to ensure the proper elements are updated and available on demand.


Compliance Certification and Assurance

Advisor Armor provides cyber security certification that is designed to audit and endorse the functional comprehensive plan, the application of such, and management support and endorsement.  Attestation efforts are included.


$25,000 Exam Guarantee

Upon certification Advisor Armor coverage includes up to $25,000 in reimbursement for fines and penalties associated with state or federal examinations.  Terms and conditions apply.


Cyber Liability Insurance

Advisor Armor coverage includes the assessment and potential provision of practical cyber insurance requirements.  Contact us to discuss.