Advisor Armor 4th Quarter Training

Q4 2018 Training kicks off Monday the 15th and runs for 60 days with reminders every 10 days. This session includes videos and interactive questions along with a quiz. The subject is mobile security.

As usual the invitations will come directly to learners in this format:

Invitations to training will always take the format below:


Note: This email is authentic and part of Advisor Armor's ongoing data security training.  Please do not disregard.

It’s time to start your interactive Security Awareness Training from Advisor Armor!

To begin your training, follow this link:

Note that NO username and password are required. The course you are taking is called “AA Q3 2018 Data Security Awareness Training” and includes 3 interactive training modules.

You have 41 days to complete your training and you will be reminded to complete it every few days. For the best possible experience, you should plan on taking your training at a computer with audio, but closed captions are also provided if audio is not an option.

Thank you!

Some additional reminders.

  • Reports are available should you want them emailed each week. Please send us a note to Results will also be published inside the account dashboard at the end of each quarter.

  • You can manage your Learner Roster inside your dashboard under Training.

  • Email Enticements are randomized and can also be reported weekly.

  • Our weekly news and tips is sent only to the account administrators but you are free to share as you so choose.

Thank you.