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Normally on the last Thursday of the month, we send out a Security Newsletter but this week is a doubleheader!  A new important update from Apple has been released that can keep your products safe.  The first part of this email is about the important Apple Software update  and the secondpart of the email is our monthly Security Newsletter.

Security Tips - Apple Sierra Update

Apple has just released a new software update that all iPhone, iPad and Mac users need to be aware of. This is in response to a possible vulnerability in Apple's current software that leaves it potentially vulnerable to hackers.

In this week's Security Tip video, learn about the details of this update and how you can keep your Apple products running safely.

Watch the 1 minute Security Tip
by Advisor Armor
 Apple Sierra Update
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Monthly Newsletter

This month's security newsletter is all about Malware, Ransomware and how you can avoid being the next victim of cybercrime. Learn tips and tricks on spotting a phishing scam and ways to avoid Malware on your devices.

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by Advisor Armor

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