New Phishing Campaign

DocuSign has observed a new phishing campaign that began the morning of June 12.

We would like to make you aware of a new phishing campaign observed by DocuSign that began the morning of June 12.
The email comes from William Scott “william_scott@flexovitportal<dot>com” with the subject “Please review your document Invoice <1234567> for <>” and it contains a link to a malicious, macro-enabled Word document.
Do not click the link if you receive this email, instead please forward it to and then delete the email immediately. If you have clicked on the link and downloaded the document, please contact your local IT support to scan your device to ensure it has not been compromised.  

Please click here for Tips from DocuSign on How to Foil Scammers.
As a reminder, you should continually take steps to ensure you are protecting yourself and your clients from phishing attacks. More information on how to identify phishing attempts and ways to help prevent them can be found in this memo.