Ransomware Attacks

There are new ransomware attacks in the wild this week with major attacks expected.  These are the result of leaks from the CIA database describing vulnerabilities and are often not something that can be fully protected again.  The best defense is to be careful about what emails you open and what links/webpages you go to.  Please advise all of your employees to be extra cautious this week as the tech community expects a huge influx of attacks.  You may want to advise your users the following tactics to keep themselves safe.


1.        Do not open attachments from users you do not know.  If it is something you were not expecting or are not confident 100% is safe don’t open it.  Just call the person and make sure first. 

2.       Do not go to links in emails you receive unless you absolutely have to.  If you get a link to a conference, or to a site, go an log in there on your own without using the link if you can.  False links and phishing attacks are the number one way viruses and malware are spread.

3.       If you get a pop up warning you of something attacking your computer stop and contact me immediately!  Nine times out of ten clicking on the object is what gets you infected.